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Health and Athletic Professionals

Share B3 BFR Bands with your Network! As a Health or Athletic Professional, you’ve probably seen the benefits of BFR. As BFR becomes more popular, you can position yourself as a BFR Professional or what we call a ‘B3 Brand Partner’. B3 Brand Partner is a simple way for Professionals to share B3 Bands with their network including clients, patients and customers.

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B3 provides the best BFR Bands

  • 100’s of professionals have already started referring B3 Bands to their network.
  • B3 Bands come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 12 Month Warranty.
  • B3 Sciences provides 30 days of BFR Coaching and lifetime support for your referrals.
  • B3 Bands have Safety Studies.
  • B3 Sciences carries liability insurance covering the use of B3 Bands.

How do I get started and is there a signup fee?

Once you have purchased B3 Bands, there is no fee for you to become a B3 Brand Partner.

Simply check the B3 Brand Partner. box before you checkout.

Along with your order, we will send you an email with your Brand Partner link or what is commonly called an affiliate link.

If you need Brochures or Books for referring, simply reply to the email we send you.

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Not a professional, you too can be a B3 Brand Partner!

We have Moms, Dads, College Students, Truck Drivers, Lawyers and more who love their B3 Bands and want to share them with their friends and family.

Anyone who buys B3 Bands, can become a Brand Partner upon checking out of the ProB3 shopping cart.

How simple is it to refer?

Simply introduce BFR and share one of our 3 simple educational tools:

  • The ProB3 website with your Brand Partner link.
  • A Trifold B3 Brochure with your information on the back.
  • A B3 Booklet with your information on the back.

You can order Brochures or Books anytime by contacting us at support@b3sciences.com.

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What happens after you refer?

•Your referral will be directed to the ProB3 website with your link.
•They will see your name in the top right corner.
•They can learn how B3 Bands will help them.
•They can purchase their own B3 Bands right from your Brand Partner website.

How do you earn commissions for referring?

Every time a new referral purchases, you earn a minimum of $80 in commissions.

If your referral orders in the future, you will again earn generous commissions.

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We will help your B3 Customer get started

We provide 30 days of BFR Coaching via email, videos, and live video calls.
If you have any special instructions or issues for your Customer, you simply email us at coach@b3sciences.com

You can also choose to manage your Customer’s BFR exercise or rehab.